About Us


Bethany Young

Editor-in-Chief  :  Co-Creative Director  :  Photographer
With my mom being a music major, my father an impeccable performer, my aunt a talented singer, my grandfather a skilled song writer and my great grandfather a singer on one of the first radio stations, I had no choice but to grow a deep love for the arts. There’s nothing I enjoy more than the feeling I get at an incredible concert, or the goose bumps I feel in a Broadway show. While I truly love all art forms, I found my niche within my artistic family as a photographer – and it has been an adventure I have enjoyed every minute of. Starting my own business in this economy was definitely a little terrifying – but once I took the jump, I found nothing but happiness.When you do what you love, it’s not work – it’s fun! Two years after starting Bethany Young Photography, I found myself wanting to pursue another dream – starting my own magazine. I wanted to start Twenty Something Magazine for people like me who love the arts, who love to travel and who love expressing themselves through their talents. I hope that this magazine inspires you to find what you love, and pursue it to its fullest – life is too short to wonder “what if.”

Kelsey Self

Executive Fashion Director & Stylist : Fashion Editor : Co-Creative Director
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been buying magazines at the grocery store and in airports. I turn the pages in awe of the clothes and shoes and hair and make up and the list goes on and on. The beautiful stories told in fashion and pictures. Then one day a light bulb turned on and I realized I could do more than tear the pages out and tape them on my wall, I could create my very own masterpieces. I wanted to create Twenty Something Magazine for girls like me who dream big and run even faster to chase those dreams. Girls who love fashion and art and music and are still trying to discover their own selves as they are ever evolving. I want it to help lead young women in the direction of becoming positive leaders and role models in their community through their own inspirations and passions and help every young girl realize that you can turn anything you imagine into a reality. All of those years growing up and my dad telling me I was going to be a doctor or lawyer seem so funny to me now as I look at my life and see that instead I am a dancer, choreographer, artist, stylist, fashionista,writer, blogger, shopper. I know my dad never saw that one coming. There are so many roads to travel in our life time and I see no reason to choose just one, you just have to make time and have the courage to explore them all.